The impact of gambling on humans is analyzed and studied from the moment of their widespread distribution. So, in the United States, a survey was conducted among casino customers who prefer slot machines, the purpose of which was to determine the average duration of the game for each individual gambler. The survey results are truly amazing. The fact is that individuals spend five to fifteen hours behind video slots. As a rule, they explain this addiction to the game by the fact that they rarely manage to get out into the gambling house, and the game process absorbs them so much that the time count is simply lost.

It is no secret that the casino always maintains a pleasant atmosphere that helps to relax and alleviate pressing problems. Probably, every visitor of a gambling establishment could notice that there are no windows and clocks, and music contributes to the “kindling” of excitement. Sitting at the video slot, the player observes continuously spinning reels, flashing lights and hears sudden sounds, which together creates a kind of hypnosis.

By the way, truckers who are on the road for a long time often experience this condition. So, road markings that constantly flash before our eyes introduce the human brain into a hypnotic trance, forcing him to relax and disconnect from reality. The driver can reach the destination without being able to remember what happened to him on the road.

Moreover, a similar state is experienced by people who are engaged in monotonous work that does not require mental activity. In fact, this happens to players who sit for hours on end in front of the slot machines, refusing food and sleep, monotonously repeating pressing the same button. The time frame is erased, and the ability to think rationally fades into the background.

How to avoid hypnotic effects
If the gambler managed to catch himself thinking that he is in a pre-hypnotic state, you should resort to simple actions that will not allow you to completely concentrate on the game. So, for starters, you need to stop continuously looking at the screen. You should pay attention as often as possible to the surroundings, to people running around the casino, to all kinds of inscriptions, be it advertising or a description of the rules of a game. Of course, it is imperative to have a watch with you. It is advisable that they be on hand and constantly “loomed” in front of the eyes. In the cell phone, you need to set an alarm that will ring at certain time intervals. It is possible to exclude the impact on the consciousness of musical accompaniment in a casino and sharp sounds made by the machine by listening to music in the player. It is also advisable to communicate as much as possible. As a “victim” you can choose a neighbor in the slot, a waitress or the administrator of the hall.

It is also important after certain periods of time to take small breaks that should not be neglected. For example, you can replenish your account with small amounts in order to periodically be distracted from the game to contact the cashier of the institution. You should also knowingly determine for yourself the limits of winnings, which must be cashed at the same box office. It is important to understand that the game should bring pleasure to a person, and not make him a sleepwalker who returns home in a state of exhaustion and penniless.